Introduction of solar sensor lights

- Nov 07, 2018-

The solar induction lamp charges the battery through the solar charging board. When the light is sufficient, the solar panel generates current and voltage under the illumination, so that the battery can be charged, and the battery output power is controlled to the load by the intelligent infrared and the light control switch at night. .

The function of the solar sensor light.

1, the switch of the solar sensor light belongs to intelligent infrared and light control. At night, when someone approaches, it will automatically detect and control the battery to light.

2, road lighting, gardens, courtyards, parks and other outdoor lighting.

3, using solar charging mode, full battery can be illuminated for 15 hours.

Precautions for using solar sensor lights.

1, solar sensor lights are usually waterproof, but can not be used in water, which will damage the product.

2. Do not scratch the surface of the solar panel with a sharp object.

3. When installing, place the charging plate of the solar sensor light in direct sunlight to ensure the photoelectric conversion effect.