How to install solar lawn lights?

- Jul 13, 2018-

Solar lawn lights are both beautiful and illuminating, and there are many colors of light that are more and more common in life, but everyone does not know how to install solar lawn lighting.


(1) First of all, clean up the debris around the installation site.

(2) Place the base of the solar lawn light in the appropriate area, then place the lawn light on the base, then align the holes between the two and tighten the screws to stabilize it.

(3) At this time, the solar lawn lamp and the base have been fixed, and it is placed on the foundation completely, paying attention to the side with the solar battery toward the south. Then align the attachment holes under the base with the holes on the foundation and tighten them.

(4) At this time, the power can be connected to check whether the solar lawn lamp can be used normally.

(5) After confirming that the solar lawn lamp is installed and can be used, it should be wiped off with a soft rag and dust on the lamp. Then check for any scratches that are damaged to the fixture, etc., and replace if necessary.

One problem to be aware of is that each solar lawn light should be properly spaced. If it is in a pavilion, where there are more trees, you can install smaller ones and install more to achieve better lighting effects.