How to identify the good or bad holiday lights

- Feb 08, 2018-

How to identify the good or bad holiday lights? When we buy street lamps, how can we judge the quality of the street lamps simply? For ordinary street lamps or solar street lamps and festive lanterns, we should know the most basic methods of identification, so as to ensure better procurement.

The first thing we need to look at is the luminous frequency and refresh rate of the LED lights, followed by the brightness of the light. If it looks a bit muddy, it's probably a problem with the quality of the lamp. Also, look at the battery. Of course, batteries only exist in solar street lamps, so this is mainly for solar street lamps. Generally speaking, a good battery can last for at least a week after the battery is full of electricity, of course, this time is not fixed (it may be shorter in winter).

Of course, in addition to the above mentioned points, we need to start from the details to make more profound judgments, such as the use of wire materials.