How to choose solar garden light?

- Jan 16, 2019-


Solar garden lights become more and more popular because they are affordable,very easy to install by yourself and can be relocated easily. Solar garden lights don’t need wires and no electric cost,it can protect environment and decorate your garden.

But do you really know how to choose solar garden lights?

First you should know classification of solar garden light so can you buy solar garden light to match the function you want. There are three primary categories of solar garden lights:accent lights, path lights, landscape lights and deck lights.


Solar accent light

7K1A6667solar decorative light

You can consider accent lights as decorative lights. It used to mark areas or highlight features in your garden but no illuminate your garden or areas. Generally they are beautiful shape and their purpose is to add interest in your garden so it will not very bright.


Solar path light

solar path lightsolar plastic path light

They are brighter than accent light. They are used to illuminate the areas or pathway in the dark. They have many sizes but they have simple shape normally. They operate in a range of different ways– timers, motion sensors, or dusk-to-dawn photocells. Their purpose is to bright your garden to keep your safe in the dark.


Solar spot light

6 (52)solar spot light

Aim a beam of light from a solar powered spotlight or floodlight at an interesting feature in your garden such as an ornamental tree or architectural detail can stress the landscape. Let others notice your landscape easily. Their purpose is to strengthen your landscape.


Solar deck light

solar deck lightsolar deck light2

The deck and patio are the best places to let your solar lights shine. You can install solar deck lights in your deck or patio to light up and makes your deck safe and inviting. Their purpose is to illuminate your deck.


Before you buy solar garden lights you have to design your lighting system and choose the lights according your system. If you have no idea how to design your garden, contact us please. We can offer you some suggestion about it!