How can a solar garden light show its charm?

- May 29, 2018-

Therefore, we must understand the various points of lighting design.

1, Garden lighting style choices, matching with the courtyard style can be. If there are any obstacles, choose simple, square, rectangular or wild. Color, choose black, dark gray, bronze mostly. Under normal circumstances, use less white.

2, Garden lighting should adopt energy-saving lamps, LED lamps, metal chloride lamps, high pressure sodium lamps and other warm light sources. Cold light sources or bizarre colored light sources are generally not suitable for private gardens. In addition, in order to increase the softness and comfort of the light, floodlights are generally selected. Simply understand that the top is covered, so that after the light is emitted, the top is covered and then reflected back or forth, avoiding direct light up and causing direct glare.

3, to meet the standard value of lighting in the park, the specific data see the relevant specifications.

4, according to the size of the road suitable layout of street lights or garden lights, roads larger than 6 meters should be symmetrical bilaterally or "" and "rd" font layout, the distance between the lamps maintained at 15 to 25 meters; less than 6 meters of road is unilateral Arrangement, lighting fixtures are maintained between 15 and 18 meters.

5, Garden lights, lawn lights to control the illumination between 15 ~ 40LX between the lamps and the roadside to maintain within 0.3 ~ 0.5 meters.

6, street lights, garden lights to do lightning protection design, using not less than 25 mm & times; 4 mm of galvanized flat steel as a grounding electrode, grounding resistance within 10Ω.

7, Underwater light adopts 12V voltage, and use isolation transformer.

8, buried lights, buried underground, the best power between 3W ~ 12W.

9, avoid designing step lights.