Festive lanterns adorn the festival life

- Feb 08, 2018-

Festive lanterns adorn the festival life.

The coming of winter also means the arrival of the holiday rush hour, from December Christmas to New Year's day, Spring Festival and Lantern Festival, a series of make for months at a festival festival festival atmosphere. Although the lighting company is not satisfied with the market reaction of this peak season, this period is undoubtedly the peak of lighting consumption. If enterprises seize the special needs of holiday lights and actively tap the market potential, they will definitely be able to share a share of the festival lights.

Festive lanterns adorn the festival life.

If urban landscape lighting reform is a long-term demand, then holiday lights are a short-term demand. In order to make the festive environment more beautiful, people will buy special festive lanterns to enrich the festival life. In domestic is also popular Christmas, once in late December, some of the city's downtown, shopping malls, hotels, parks and other markers, will set up a special Christmas is one of the most dazzling Christmas lighting, some companies hold the demand. Before Christmas, philips launched the LED candle light, which is the most realistic and completely substitutable for candles. Jiangmen city a total of 22 production Christmas lights, Christmas early in order to ensure the smooth export Christmas lights, customs opened up the customs clearance "fast track" for the enterprise, the first 11 months of the year, only export Christmas tree with a complete set of lamps and lanterns of $67.88 million. As for the Spring Festival, people prefer to use traditional lamp act the role ofing to decorate the festivals, such as red lanterns, palace lantern, LED Chinese knot decorative lighting, and so on, from street to home, can be seen everywhere, it's for those professional manufacturing enterprise of Chinese traditional style of lamp act the role ofing to create business opportunities. Although the holiday is short, but nationwide, the festive lights demand is huge, and this time there is a lot of local and national holiday lights, lighting enterprises can not just watching.

During the festival, people who have been busy for a year enjoy the time of their lives, which is a time when people have more money. At this point, people are particularly interested in their family, their own housing is decorated more beautiful festival, according to their own home in the relatives and friends party grade, lamp act the role ofing nature can not be ignored. With all kinds of household lighting products prices, with the improvement of all kinds of building class, along with the people to be resided to the home environment exquisite, household lighting products has been more than a few absorb dome light can meet the demand of living. Glass lamp, sheepskin lamp, flat low-pressure lamp, art desk lamp, the desk lamp that shield an eye has become the common demand, while some upscale housing to European and American style lanterns, crystal lamps, pay more attention to the cultural interest of the children like the cartoon lighting such as Disney lighting, so the lamp enterprises should seize the opportunity to promotion and terminal sales promotion.