Development status of led solar lawn lights

- Dec 14, 2018-

Led solar lawn lamp relies on its characteristics of environmental protection, safety, energy saving and easy installation. It is loved by most people. The solar lawn lamp industry in China has also experienced tremendous development in recent years.

Market development status:

Led solar lawn lamp is the most expensive solar cell project in China in the field of solar photovoltaic application. It is the only solar cell application product controlled by ASIC in the world. It is completely powered by semiconductor materials and is illuminated by semiconductor materials. Semiconductor lighting products. It is expected that with the recovery of the global economy in the future, the total demand in the international market will increase, and the domestic market demand will gradually emerge. Villas, parks, golf courses and other places may be the places with the most market demand.

With the rapid development of the solar energy industry, the number and scale of LED solar lawn lamp manufacturers in China are also increasing. At present, the output of led solar lawn lamps has accounted for more than 90% of the world, and the average growth rate of domestic led solar lawn lamps exceeds 20%, the output in 2013 has reached 360 million.

Market demand analysis:

1. Domestic market demand

Led solar lawn lights are mainly used for urban lawns, including green spaces such as squares, parks, communities, and roads. The acceleration of urbanization and the improvement of urban green space have stimulated the development of turf production and scientific research. At present, there are thousands of enterprises engaged in lawn supply in the country, and there are dozens of backbone enterprises of about 1,000 acres. The annual domestic lawn production has exceeded 200 million square meters.

2. Size of foreign market demand:

In the United States, Japan, the European Union and other developed countries, the demand for led solar lawn lamps has shown a rapid growth trend in recent years. Led solar lawn light style is simple, there is no long cable, there is a battery inside, absorb sunlight in the daytime, it will light up whenever the lights are lit at dusk, and emit soft light, generally lasting 8h.

European greening is very good and the lawn coverage is high. Some cities and rural lawns in Europe are full of lawns, and many urban parks are dominated by lawns, making them the best places for leisure and entertainment. In addition, the lawn area of villas is also very large. In today's rapid development of the solar photovoltaic industry, the use of led solar lawn lights in Europe ranks among the top in the world, and led solar lawn lights have become part of the European green landscape.