Common lighting design techniques for landscape lamps

- Feb 08, 2018-

With the development of lighting technology, it provides various means and methods for urban landscape lighting. At present, the more common way of lighting include: surface body in floodlighting, contour lighting, lighting, pervious to light, silhouette illumination, cascade multivariate space three-dimensional lighting, fiber optic tube, small lamps, lighting, laser holographic lighting and so on. These lighting can be used to induce the best view of the visitors, highlighting the features of the scenery and attracting the attractive effect.

The light of landscape lighting has monochromatic light and multi - chromatic light, it is appropriate for high brightness and low color. In the aspect of color collocation, night view illume through color is cordial, warm, solemn, distant, heavy and light visual, psychological feeling function, show all sorts of different need of night scene environment atmosphere.

The most important task of landscape lighting design is according to the demand of people's vision, with the help of light and shadow of clever move, decorate and beautify the building, for people to create beautiful, comfortable visual environment, ultimately form a complete architecture image. Its design follows the following principal principles.

(1) the overall style should be adapted to the function and environment of the building, reflecting the grandeur and local culture.

(2) the color tone should be dominated by seven colors, rendering the overall effect.

(3) coordinate with the architectural form and form an organic combination with architecture.

(4) it has distinct layers, points, lines and faces, which combine with each other. The combination of color temperature and architectural style is used.

(5) set the necessary scene mode and fully consider the viewing effect of each viewing position.

(6) must meet the requirements of high efficiency, energy saving, environmental protection, at the same time to ensure the reliability of the service life of the lamps and lanterns, effect of transform and ensure the stable operation of the lighting system, and the investment control within the scope of the book.