Advantages of solar garden lights?

- Apr 15, 2020-

Long-distance light control sensor, when people come, it will be bright, people will go out, the maximum irradiation distance is 8-10 meters, it will automatically charge during the day, and automatically light at night, without manual switch.

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IP65 high-level waterproof and lightning protection, professional waterproof technology, excellent waterproof performance, protection level reaches IP65, don't worry about rain and tilt.

High-brightness LED headlight beads, bright fiber optic range, large luminous flux, better lighting effect, low light attenuation, soft and even lighting and warm.

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The initial solar panel has a high photoelectric conversion rate, a higher charging efficiency, a long duration of lighting, and normal use in cloudy and rainy days.

Lithium iron phosphate battery has high energy density, large storage capacity, safe and stable performance, and longer service life.