A cleaning technique for holiday lights

- Feb 08, 2018-

Cleaning tips for festive lanterns:

1. Do not place items on holiday lights, such as hanging cotton quilt, etc.

2. Frequently switch, landscape light will greatly reduce its service life, so use holiday lights to minimize the switch of holiday lights;

3. When using or cleaning, it is found that the festive lampshade is tilted and should be corrected to keep it beautiful;

4. When adjusting the festive lampshade, pay attention to avoid the reflection of the trigeminal frame in the lamp when the light is on;

5, according to the sign of source parameters in a timely manner to replace aging lamp, landscape lamp found on both ends of the lamp is red, black or dark, jump arranged not bright, should be timely replacement bulbs, prevent unsafe phenomenon such as ballast burn out.


1. The festival light is usually more dust, wipe with damp cloth when cleaning, keep the same direction with the movement, do not rub and rub, the strength should be moderate, especially to the chandelier, wall lamp should be gentle.

2. Clean the inside of the festival lamp. When cleaning the bulb, the lamp should be turned off before the lamp is cleaned. If cleaning directly on the lamp, do not turn the bulb clockwise to avoid the bulb screwing too tightly.